Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

Cleaning Up Water From Storm

The first image is of a wet check being performed to find the water damage. The second image is of equipment placed to dry up the water. We often perform Wet Ch... READ MORE

Storm Water Intrusion In North Naples, FL

Storm water had intruded into this home flooding a few rooms. Here is a picture of the bathroom and the work that we needed to perform to get he bathroom dry. D... READ MORE

Storm Damage In Laundry Area

Rain water had flooded this home and a couple of rooms were damaged. Here is a photo of the laundry room and the work that we expected to perform to get it dry.... READ MORE

Thermal Camera Detection of Storm Damage

Rain Damage in Closet The roof of this home in Pelican Marsh, FL had some damage but we didn't know the extent of it until we used the thermal camera to find th... READ MORE

Storm Soaked Carpet is Removed

When there is damage in your home from storm we often have to do some demolition. It is easily seen in the first picture the darkened and filthy carpet from the... READ MORE

What do I do if a storm causes damage in the middle of the night?

24 Hour Services from SERVPROWhen there is a problem in the middle of the night you can be sure to call SERVPRO of North Naples. We have 24 hour staff that can ... READ MORE